2000 tiny pieces and a big canvas

Five years back, a friend gifted me the jigsaw puzzle of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. In hindsight, it looks more like revenge. Out of the blue, sometime last week, I decided I’ll continue from where I left.Memory failed me; and I had forgotten why I had abandoned it in the first place, five years ago. This time though, I did learn a lesson that I would remember.

I spread the pieces all over the living room, and I even set a deadline to finish it in a month. Stupidity!
Van Gogh is an amazing artist, but the puzzle – where do I even start? His strokes in all directions, isn’t in any way helping me piece the puzzle together. I had somehow managed to get most of the outline done, and one corner on the top right before abandoning it. The physical strain on your back is the simplest one to deal with. The mental strain is tremendous – one needs to be really motivated to do this,especially, when you start questioning why you are doing this in the first place – which by the way, is a very valid question. And that’s when the mind starts to wander off to the philosophical plane…

Isn’t life a big jigsaw puzzle… Some have easy pictures to put together; some have tougher ones. Some have missing or stolen pieces that never lets them complete the picture; while some spend most of the time just hunting for the pieces and piecing a few together, before abandoning it entirely. Some may have a reference picture; some may not; while some may have  the wrong reference picture. So, they are basically trying to put together something that they don’t have pieces for.

And, at the end of it – why? Why do you even bother? Why do you have to put the pieces together to begin with? Why not create your own picture with those pieces and stop bothering to match it to anything? Break rules, think outside and blaze a trail.

Those were the thoughts on day two after piecing together maybe 10 odd pieces and sorting through hundreds of them.

I realized it was insane to continue working, and, bringing upon myself, all that stress of not being able to finish it. I rolled it up and threw it back in the shelf. Ahh the happiness!

Perhaps it was my laziness that tricked me to abandoning it, but I’d rather float in the illusion of having solved life’s jigsaw mystery!
Makes me feel wiser.