The Starving Artist

Food was not was he was looking for. With a well-stocked pantry just around the corner, what was he doing, sneaking into locked shelves? Not just any shelf, but the one in the designers’ aisle.

Ah, the wondrous rainbow colors of post it notes, pencils, markers and highlighters. This was his ‘candy’ store.

But, today was the monochrome day,  and Pollock was in his mind. The bottle of Parker it was. He tipped the ink and stained the sheets black leaving tiny ink puddles as footprints of his escape route.

That was  Artiste de Rat – the ‘resident’ artist in Informatica. As for style, he seems to be leaning towards spontaneous, accidental abstract expressionism. Only future (visits) will tell how his style evolves!

(Inspired by the four legged friend that made a colleague’s shelf his ‘studio’.)