Where the magic fire fox lights up the sky…

She rains on the night sky

Dances with the wind

Teases us with glimpses 

Playing hide and seek with clouds.


A few strokes and colors

And she goes away

Waiting for us to shift our gaze.

And then, she comes back

To put on a show.


With the wind on her feet,

She picks up a few more colors,

Twirls and swirls…

Waves and flutters…

In grays, pale greens and pinks for our eyes

Revealing vivid greens and violets for the camera.


Is it a magic fire fox? 

Or the Valkyrie leading warriors to Valhalla?

The spirits of the dead or lanterns of demons?

Or the solar flares meeting oxygen and nitrogen atoms?


Whatever our belief 

She continues to stun us in her magic weave…

The ever fleeting, evasive,

Mesmerizing Aurora of the night sky. 


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